Runway One

+ 13′ ceiling height
+ 2,500 square feet (49’ x 52’)
+ Power: 200 amps 3 Phase
+ Full Infinity Cyc dimensions: 22’ wide x 24’ long
+ Southern exposure
+ Expandable door access to Double Exposure for a combined 5,500 square feet
+ Expandable door access to Runway Two for a combined 5,300 square feet
+ Can be combined with both Double Exposure and Runway Two for a total of 8,300 square feet
+ Private bathrooms & adjustable central air conditioning
+ Media Center: Mac laptop with access to T3 line and telephone
+ Hair & makeup station, dining & catering area, designer lounge area
+ Freight elevator access (7am — 8pm)
+ 24/7 private loading dock on Watts St.

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