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LiiV Acquires Telmar to Bring Creative Intelligence to Life

Parent Company of Visual Content Leader Splashlight Adds Data-Driven, Intelligent Media Insights to Expand Offering of Sophisticated Marketing Tools

New York - October 11, 2019

LiiV™, the parent company formed by the owners of Splashlight, announced it has acquired Telmar™, the intelligent media insights company, with a 51-year track record and 25,000 users internationally.

The combination of Splashlight and Telmar will bring to market the new discipline of creative intelligence, which is a breakthrough way to gather data about creative campaigns and provide marketers with meaningful understanding of their audiences without invading personal privacy.

“LiiV was inspired by a vision for creative intelligence, which until now was carried out through Splashlight alone,” said James Ingram, Founder of LiiV and CEO of Splashlight and Telmar. “Telmar is another critical part of the creative intelligence roadmap. Their mastery of varied streams of audience data is key to unlocking commercial and creative success for over 700 clients, and a new generation of marketers.”

“At Telmar, we’re renowned as a trusted hands-on partner for the biggest agencies, brands and publishers,” said Corey Panno, Telmar’s Senior Vice President. “As part of LiiV, we’re looking forward to applying our expertise in media planning and insight mining to help marketers better address a new set of challenges.”

Operating under the same umbrella, Splashlight and Telmar bring a more complete, cohesive solution to the market. Creative intelligence technology measures consumers’ reaction to images in a way that helps brands reach the right targets and hone campaigns for those specific audiences.

In turn, creative intelligence is a key component to the emerging science of digital anthropology, giving researchers a non-invasive way to study how we live, work, and play.

The world desperately needs new inventions that help decision-makers understand digital life and its connection to physical life. Through digital anthropology, LiiV is providing new ways to understand the reality of how we live today, how we create identities, and how we socialize, all the while maintaining our personal privacy. This allows for deeper insight into how consumers engage with visual content and brand messaging, by taking into account a bigger set of data points around human behavior.

“The formation of LiiV is incredibly meaningful to us, not just as a business, but for what it will do for creative professionals worldwide. We want to provide better ways of understanding people, their behavior, and what makes them thrive,” said Benoit Lagarde, Founder of LiiV and Co-Founder of Splashlight, and Chairman of Telmar. “We’re starting with these two companies, but these are just the first connections in the rapidly evolving intersection of technology, creativity and human science, that make up the field of digital anthropology.”

About LiiV
Splashlight Holding LLC dba LiiV is a holding company founded to enable creative intelligence through advocacy, thought leadership, academic partnerships, and technology platforms. Founded by James Ingram and Benoit Lagarde, backed by Boathouse Capital, and led by a world-class management team, LiiV invests in and builds strategic, cutting edge organizations that sit at the intersection of technology, creativity, and human science.
For more information about LiiV and its subsidiaries, please visit LiiV.com

About Telmar
Telmar Group Inc. is the world’s largest independent provider of strategic targeting and media planning solutions to advertisers, marketers, agencies, media companies, and data suppliers. Over 25,000 users across 100 countries are supported by Telmar’s 51 year track record of providing innovations in data-agnostic solutions to analyze thousands of consumer and media data sets to assess target markets, audience, reach and frequency, and media performance.

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