Splashlight, the leading visual content (photography and video) creation company for e-commerce and social media, announced today a distribution and strategic partnership agreement with Looklet, a leading software company providing advanced photo capture and personalization solutions for e-commerce fashion photography.

Working together, Splashlight and Looklet will provide a unique ecosystem of turnkey technologies and methodologies to serve the online fashion world. Looklet will leverage Splashlight’s leadership position in North America to scale its sales development, customer support and R&D. Splashlight will integrate Looklet into its portfolio of advanced photography solutions and sales channels.

“At Looklet, we challenge brands and retailers to reimagine fashion imagery and Splashlight shares the same vision. Following a full year of integration and R&D with Splashlight, Looklet has established a solid platform to scale. ” said Jannis Koehn, CEO of Looklet. “Considering our unique combination of creativity, methodologies and our constant push for new turnkey technologies, Looklet’s state-of-art technology is a natural fit for Splashlight’s ecosystem, client base and new business development,” said James Ingram, CEO of Splashlight.

“Looklet’s technology is already in use by Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Gilt and Hudson’s Bay. It is not only a unique solution to the logistic challenges of traditional e-commerce photography, but it also provides an unmatched level of automation, scalability and consistency. The result is a significant gain in productivity and cost-efficiency for the client,” said Gilles Rousseau, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Splashlight. ”Splashlight believes Looklet’s photo personalization capabilities address the growing needs of brands and retailers to offer more targeted visual content based on trends, geographical markets, ethnicities and inventory allocation. Looklet’s benefits are as equally valuable for leading retailers and global brands, as they are for small emerging brands or pure e-commerce players and marketplaces,” added Rousseau.

About Splashlight
Splashlight is a leading visual content creation company with a unique combination of methodologies, creative services and turnkey technologies geared towards e-commerce and social media. Having worked with over 330 retailers, luxury, jewelry, athletic brands and fashion houses, Splashlight is the premier photo and video creation partner for clients such as Target, Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, Victoria’s Secret, David Yurman and The Aldo Group. Splashlight is headquartered in New York with offices in Miami, Columbus and Montreal.
For more information, visit splashlight.com.

About Looklet
Looklet is a B2B technology provider who challenges the way the industry views fashion imagery, combining high quality dynamic images with a simple and scalable process, perfectly suited for the new world of fast online fashion.
Working with major fashion companies such as Hudson Bay Company, Vente-Privée, and Neiman Marcus, Looklet processes 7000+ images per day. Looklet’s headquarter is located in Stockholm, with offices in Paris and New York.
For more information, visit looklet.com.